Flank offers a suite of design and architectural services.  The confluence of site restraints and context, client objectives, program requirements, and budget limitations yield a rich and variable outcome.  No two projects are alike yet the firm’s pedagogy remains consistent.  Exteriors have ranged stylistically from glass block curtain walls, to assemblies of frit stamped rain screen cassettes, to undulating copper panels, to decorative masonry.  Interiors range from contemporary to transitional.

  • Site analysis for zoning & massing
  • Mapping client objectives for program & form
  • Full design services including layouts & interiors
  • Licensed architectural services

265 State

Private Residence

224 Mulberry

Private Residence

Drayton Tower

The Abingdon

240 West Broadway

385 West 12th

441 East 57th

520 West 27th

135 West 4th


West 4th Townhouse

40 Walker