Flank was founded in 2002 by Jon Kully and Mick Walsdorf with the express intent of offering an alternative real estate investment vehicle.  The practice is interdisciplinary—combining design and development.  This vertical integration ensures control of process—unwavering from concept through execution.  The firm has focused primarily on high design, residential and mixed use condominium projects in Manhattan.  Recent pursuits have included new locations—Brooklyn and Savannah GA, and new asset classes—hospitality and retail.  We intend to create the highest quality product across all asset classes.

520 West 27th Street
Suite 403
New York, NY 10001
212 352 8224

  • Jon Kully – Managing Partner.  Jon co-founded Flank in 2002.
  • Mick Walsdorf – Managing Partner.  Mick co-founded Flank in 2002.
  • Ken Copeland – Partner / Chief Investment Officer.  Contact Ken on acquisition or leasing related matters. kcopeland@flankonline.com
  • Todd Wilson – Principal.  Todd joined Flank in 2006 and focuses on architecture and project management.